Nacra 500

The Nacra 500 is available in 3 different versions to suit all sailors’ needs: Fun, School and Sport


The Nacra 500 Sport is the racing craft that many have been looking for years. The 500 Sport is differentiated from the 500 by a larger battened MNX jib where the tack fits right down to the spinnaker pole, giving more power lower down and so more drive and less heel. Sails are made by Performance Sails and built of MNX, fibre reinforced monofilm, a truly modern material.


NACRA 500 School

All school boats have to be designed to fulfil a certain sailing role. The Nacra 500 School does just that. She is a “proper catamaran” something not all school boats are !! She is modelled on the successful 500 but with Dacron boomless main and jib. The advantages of moving to Dacron, for the school boat is that the main can be reefed allowing her to be sailed in a wide range of conditions.


The Nacra 500 is the ideal family craft for those who want simplicity and performance , the large buoyant hulls enables you to drive her across the waves in ease in most conditions. Large trampoline area means that you have real space and as it is tensioned it provides a real platform.

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