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New England Launch Sites

Here’s a list of some locations where a catamaran can be launched. Please add or email me with any that you are aware of. If possible include any parking fees and other pertinent information.

1. Sandy Point Beach – Portsmouth, RI $10. per day. Great sailing on the Sakonnet River. Beach wheels needed since you aren’t supposed to drive onto the beach. You can’t continually leave your boat set up there over night but you can get away with it once in a while.

2. Third Beach – Newport or Portsmouth, RI. $20. per day. Ramp for launching and sandy beach next to the ramp. Great area to sail in. You’re at the end of the Sakonnet River and it’s only a short sail to the open ocean. Some rocky areas so best to get a chart or ask others. You used to be able to buy a season’s pass at Newport Second Beach, hopefully still can.

3. The park next to Ida Lewis – Newport Harbor RI. Great place to launch but nowhere to park unless you have a town sticker.

4. Fort Adams – Newport, RI. No charge to enter the park. Ramp at the end of the barn. Difficult place to launch. Sails have to go up first and then you have to go park. No beach close by and in the summer only a few feet of the beach available around the corner. Before and after the season the beach can be used for launching. The other ramp next to Sail Newport also has no beach right next to it although you can paddle over to it to set up your sails. Maybe a fee to launch there.

5. Gooseberry Island, Westport, MA – No fee but limited parking and jams up early morning. Ramp and nice beach. Can sail out to the islands or over to other nearby beaches.

6. Sebago Lake, ME – State Park. Entry fee per person. Ramp, crowded parking lot usually. Trailer parking sometimes a 1/4 mile away. Nice beach once you get to it.

7. Hull, MA – Near the wind generator.


  • Conimicut Point in Warwick is a great place, not the public park but the fishing access spot just up the bay from the lighthouse at the south end of Shawomet Ave. (see Google maps). Never had any problems with parking or hassles.

  • Common Fence Point Blvd Portsmouth, Beach launch, I keep my cat there all summer. Private association, very relaxed no questions asked, lots of small sail boats every weekend

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